Deploy Clients to Hardened Linux machines


I’ve got the following situation - There are Hardened Linux Machines which I need to Install BigFix Client on Them.

I’m able to connect to them through the following procedure:

  1. SSH into them and authenticate with a “Read-Only” user - that don’t have permissions to install stuff on the machine.
  2. Change user to Root - with SU command
  3. Download Content and Manually Install the BigFix Client

I know that on the BigFix Deploy Tool, I can only use root or SUDO user for SSH and Install the application.
This scenario does not meet the restrictions I’ve got right now.

Have you encountered such situation? Can we deal with it through Official tools from HCL?

If you’re using ‘su’ rather than ‘sudo’ to switch to root, that implies you’re providing a root password? That kind of interaction would probably not work with a script/automation.