Deploy apk file problem

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I made a apk list to the android mobile.

I could see the recommended list for apk.

But I couldn’t download the file and install.

I direct copy the apk to the mobile and install it is OK.

What did I miss when I deploy the apk?

Thanks for help.

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Hi bearandy,

What specific error did you hit when you tried to deploy your custom apk?


(imported comment written by bearandy)

When I Click install on device.

It show “Error: Download not available”.

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Having the client logs would definitely help troubleshooting this issue.

If you could go to Troubleshooting -> Email logs and attach to this thread then we can have a closer look at the problem.

Also, can you check how much free space does the internal drive have? You can check this in Android Settings -> SD card and phone storage -> System storage (this is in Android 2.3, other versions might have it somewhere else).