Deleting Property - How long until clients stop gathering?

How longer after a property is deleted from console’s property list does it stop evaluating on the client?

From what I understand, when the client checks in it will be advised the property is no longer valid and will stop evaluating and reporting on it. So if a client checks in every 15-30 minutes we would stop seeing the property evaluated on the client within 2 reporting cycles from the client (60 mins approximately) correct?


The client needs to gather the site in question and the next report will be missing the value. All reports until that occurs will contain the value still in the report.

So this depends on if the client can receive UDP messages otherwise multiple reports might still come in with the value until the client polls or re-registers.

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It isn’t based upon the report time of the property.

The client knowing that something like a property has been deleted or changed is based upon the Gather Interval, Command Polling, or UDP notification, whichever happens first. For clients without command polling configured that do not get UDP notifications, then it would be the Gather Interval, which defaults to 24 hours.

I do have a script to automatically enable command polling on clients that do not get UDP notifications.

Command polling may cause a bit more load on your relays, but I also wouldn’t expect it to cause any issues either and I generally recommend enabling it.