Deleted computers are displayed in coumputer list panel

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I logged in the BES console with the Admin account, and deleted some computers which expried for a long time.Aftering delete these compters in the computer tab,these coputers disappeared quickly.

But when I use another operator account to log in the BES console,deleted computers were sitll displayed in the computer list panel with gray color.I thought that deleted computers will not appear any more.In fact ,I was wrong!

And also,the numbers of gragh generated by Web Report was not right according to the actual computer numbers which was deleted and not deleted.

I will very appreciate that you can help me to solve this ploblem.

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There is a tool available on the BigFix support site for removing both deleted (one tool) and expired (another tool) computers. I personally haven’t had success with either, but would suggest you try those first:

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Hi cye,

If a computer re-reports after you delete it, it will re-appear… It shouldn’t matter how you delete it (an admin or an operator deleting a computer is the same operation).

The tools that gjeremia listed will automate the process of cleaning up older systems… I don’t recommend that you run the first one often (the “Deleted Computer Remover”) because it might clear computer data that you may want back some day. The second tool (the “Expired Computer Remover”) is OK to run often because if a computer is removed when it becomes active later, it will re-appear in the console.


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Thank you very much for your advice.

It seems that the tools can delete computers easily,and I will have a try.

By the way,I serached some information about the two tools and found that the tools can only delete a few computers (less than 10) when they are ran one time.I am not sure that it is right or not!

Thank you angin!!!


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Hi Ben

Thank you for your advice.

I am sorry that I mistaked my question and not clearly to tell you the situsation. I will restate my question below and hope that you can check it for me again.

Question :

There are two operators :admin(master operator) and abc(general operator) .The two operators are managing the same computers .

Logged in with the admin , deleted computers from datebase on the right click one bye one,and the deleted computers disappeared from the couputer list panel.

Logged in with the abc,those computers which deleted by the admin still appeared in the computer list panel.Tried to delete them again but nothing happaned .

The number of all computers when logged in by the admin is 309,but when logged in by the abc is 416.The numbers should be the same ,but in fact they are different.

Why does this happen?

Looking forward for your advice.

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Sounds like some bizarre cache corruption… Try clearing your cache and see if that helps (from the “File” menu).


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Hi Ben

Thank you for answer.

I tried the way that you suggested and the problem was solved successfully.

Thank you very much.