Delete client setting

I have a task with the following action script:
setting delete "my_custom_setting" on "{now}" for client

It successfully deletes the custom setting from the systems I targeted. However, when i run this from the Query app in WebUI against any of the systems it returns “False”

not exist setting "my_custom_setting" of client

When i manually check any of the the systems (right-click and select edit settings) the custom setting is not there. Even after days not exist setting "my_custom_setting" of client returns false. On one system, i reset it using the task with ID 1976 and then ran the Query again from Webui and it correctly returns “True”

Any ideas?

This seems more like a sync problem or corrupted client site data. What happens if you right-click Send Force Refresh? Does it fix the issue, or is Resetting the Client the only thing you can find to work?

I found some older posts on the forum that suggested that although the client setting is removed from view in the console the registry entry still exists. I used this query to test and it seems like that is in fact the case.

not exists setting “my_custom_setting” of client or (exists setting “my_custom_setting” whose (not exists value of it or value of it = “”) of client)

That right there is your secret sauce. The setting delete "<name>" on "<date>" for client action script deletes the value but not the setting, leaving the Registry key (on Windows, anyway) intact. Check for the value and you’ll not go wrong.