Decrypting bad reports


Is there any utility or tool to decrypt bad reports which are being received in buffer dir to read them & get the server name which is generating these reports.

Not something easily done.

Your top level relays should be converted into decrypting relays so that the reports that arrive at the server from them are already decrypted.

Thanks but question is -

  • Are we talking abut the same thing like I am talking abut these reports - %Program Files (x86)%\BigFix Enterprise\BES Server\FillDBData\bufferdir
  • And what if we trying to decrypt files from Top Relay, will there be any impact anywhere in infra.

Yes, we are talking about reports that are landing in the \BES Server\FillDBData\bufferdir directory. If you are encrypting reports, you will want to decrypt them on your top level instead of the server so that:

  1. You take processing overhead, induced by decryption, off of the root BigFix server
  2. You are able to catch and read the unencrypted reporting data on the root BigFix server if you need to

There should not really be an impact to the infrastructure by moving decrypting to a top level relay machine. You may want to start with one machine observe its performance baseline, enable decrypting, and measure the impact if you are concerned about performance impact to the machine.