Decommissioned computers


Currently running BFI 9.2.5.
Just upgraded and going to see if some old devices/software are still showing in BFI. Should they drop off in BFI if gone from the console? Or is any BFI cleanup usually needed? I’m just diving into this, so will post the answer if I get to it before someone else here. Just trying to see what is the expectation.


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How recently were the computers deleted from the console that are still showing up in BFI?

I don’t know the definitive answer, but it should require that BFI does a successful ETL after the computers have been deleted from the console. If that hasn’t happened, then there is no way for BFI to know that they have been deleted.

That said, I don’t know if that is all that is required, or if there is more to it to delete the computers from BFI. I could see a case where you would want to delete computers from the BigFix console more aggressively than you would want to remove the reporting info from BFI.

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Report by default shows last 90 days, so if you remove software or computers, those will remain on reports for that time period. Also computers will remain in BFI as long as they are not deleted in BigFix console.