Debian Linux Support

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I noticed that in your “Untested Configuration” section that Debian Linux is listed. Is there any plan to make it a fully supported OS? We are about to deploy 1300+ workstations running Debian and would like to use BigFix to manage them. I know it says untested configs “often have no known problems or very limited problems”, but I don’t want to take that chance in a production environment.



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Hey Kevin,

At this time, we don’t have specific plans to support Debian… but I believe we have seen the agent working on Debian without known issues (but we didn’t test much and don’t have plans to test).

If you decide to deploy the agent on Debian, we will still support you as much as is feasible, but as soon as we hit a problem or issue that we don’t know about or can’t solve, our response will be “sorry… we don’t know and don’t have experience on Debian…”