DB2 Enterprise Server Edition - Not Licensed for but Part of OEM Install - How to Classify?

Currently reviewing our DB2 licensing and have found a few line items of DB2 ESE in our reports that pertain to installations of Tivoli Monitoring and a few other products. We are not licensed for “DB2 Enterprise Server Edition” (we are DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition, however). I am wondering how we should (and other BFI users) classify these DB2 installs.

Classify as DB2 ESE or under the product(s) that installed them natively (ITM, TADDM, etc)?? As we don’t want to be billed for something we don’t “own”.


If you classify as DB2 ESE, you will get charged for it.
If those components came as a part of other products, you should classify them as such.
In the end it all comes to software license agreement, so read it and it should give you an answer.

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Thank you Michal…rhetorical question I guess. But wanted to make sure as the SLA’s are tough to read. :zzz:

Yes, but in the end, would you want me to tell you one thing and let auditors prove me wrong later? :slight_smile:

Of course not!! LOL :grinning: