Datadog and Properties


I was hoping someone here can help.

We trialed Splunk which had an integration with BigFix so it was easy get our device Properties data. However, we ended up signing up Datadog instead. I’m wondering if anyone has any experience or advice on how I can get these Properties onto Datadog? I’m guessing they’re in the MS SQL databases.


Hi John. Highly recommended to not implement direct MSSQL queries to the BFEnterprise database. Instead it’s recommend to perform regular REST API queries in order to extract the BigFix properties data into your Datadog instance.

There are many great REST API examples on the, developer and forum websites. Alternatively, if your organization would like the integration developed according to your specifications, I would recommend reaching out to John Talbert (aka @brolly33) who’s the Director of BigFix Professional Services at HCL Software.

@JimmyGlass and @Aram, is an integration with Datadog on the BigFix Ecosystem roadmap? I checked the BigFix Ideas portal and did not see any submissions related to Datadog.

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Hi @cmcannady,

Thank you for the recommendation. I will look into using the REST API.

We are definitely interested in an integration. I’ll reach out to @brolly33 for more details.

If you or anyone else has any more recommendations or suggestions, please send them my way. Thanks!

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Providing an out of the box integration with Datadog is not in our immediate plans, but is certainly something I would be happy to explore, and better understand the interest as well as use cases. As @cmcannady suggests, I would recommend creating an idea in the BigFix Ideas portal as a way to track and gauge interest, and define use cases and requirements.

And while I completely agree that direct SQL queries against the BFEnterprise/BFENT database is not recommended (given the complexity of the schema, the likelihood of it changing and breaking integrations, and the potential functional and performance impact to the BigFix Server), and it is better to use the REST API, another option to potentially consider (depending on the requirements) is BigFix Insights, which does enable extracting BigFix data via SQL queries against a normalized schema designed for reporting and integration.

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