Database "issue" found on BesRelay.log

As seem in the picture attached, I’ve got an error saying “the database query unexpectedly failed to return any results.” from the BES Relay log.

When I looked into the DB, under ACTION_FLAGS table (I don’t have that action with this ID in console) I can see this action there. Although if I look into VERSIONS table, that ID is not there.

We have opened a request for the developers to figure a solution for us, which consist in running this query: delete from ACTION_FLAGS where ActionID not in ( select ID from VERSIONS )

Obviously, this will delete from ACTION_FLAGS much more than the id in error from the log.

1 - Has anyone here encountered this type of error?
2 - What did you do if you did?
3 - Do you have any other idea what would be the consequence of deleting all these actions from ACTION_FLAGS ?

Thanks for any comments on the subject.


Did you find solution to it, we are also facing same issue… As per IBM KB article we need to query DB for that action ID & delete but in our case also action ID not in database.