Database Connectivity Issue

Dear All,

unable to login BFEnterprise server, this error appears when I’m trying to login BigFix console “have you run BESadmin to create the signing key on the server. Is the server able to connect to the databse”.

Please help me to identify the issue.

Well…is the server able to connect to the database? Is this a new installation?

I’d an issue with BESAdmin tool related to Certification and solved it, then I’ve tried to login to console and this error message appeared as I mentioned above.
note: This not a new installation.

The error is tool generic, difficult help You without information … try to check the database is up&running … otherwise better open a ticket and involve the support team …

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Database is up& running.
Any suggestions, please??

Maybe something simple like expired password for DB User?

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You’ll probably need to open a support ticket so someone can help you with this. It will be very difficult to go back and forth one question at a time.

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