Dashboard gets timeout when it runs relevance first time

hello pros,

I have a custom dashboard.
I use EvaluateRelevance() function inside it.

the problem:

when I run the evaluaterelevance() query in the dashboard first time (I assign it to a button in dash), it stucks nearly 5 minute and gives a warning about script’s negative performance effect.

the session relevance that I used, is not complex and returns little data. If I keep using the dashboard, it works well. I can run the same relevance and it returns quickly. There is no problem unless I logout.

if I logout and login to console again, the problem reoccurs in my first run.

what may be the problem ?

I’d try a couple of things -

  1. Post the session relevance here and we can help determine whether there is a more efficient way to write it.

  2. Replace the relevance with the simplest of queries, such as “now” and see whether that also evaluates slowly. It may not be the query, but something else in the dashboard or network path causing a delay.

the relevance is here

(name of it, values of property results whose (name of property of it is “MyPropertyName”) of it) of bes computers whose (subscribed (it, bes custom site whose (name of it is “MyCustomSite”)))

I am trying with the relevance below and will post the results here soon.


if I change the relevance to ‘now’ or another sample thing, there is no problem.

how can this relevance be optimized ?

(name of it, values of property results whose (name of property of it is “MyPropertyName”) of it) of bes computers whose (subscribed (it, bes custom site whose (name of it is “MyCustomSite”)))

bigfix manages ~20K clients totally but MyCustomsite has ~3000 subscribed computers.
MyPropertyName is defined in analysis in the site MycustomSite, so it is evaluated by ~3000 clients only.

I want to get a list as below:
computer1, propertyvalue1
computer1, propertyvalue2
computer2, propertyvalue1

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There are definitely some optimizations that can be made, but I won’t have access to a console until tomorrow or monday.

This query first iterates through every BES computer and determines whether the computer is subscribed to the site. Then, for every computer, it iterates through every bes property.

Off the top of my head, I think you can iterate just through the property results and retrieve the reporting computer from that, something like
(name of computer of it, values of it) of results of bes properties whose (name of it ="My Property")

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There is also some discussion at Efficient session relevance 'bes property' queries that may be helpful.

This works, thank you