Daily reboot - Linux

I wanted to know if I can and how to schedule daily reboot for Linux servers using BigFix. Thank you in advance.

Yes, you can just take an empty Action, configure to “Reapply while relevant, waiting one day between reapplications”, configure the “Run Between” times to match your reboot window (12pm-1am for instance), and configure a post-action reboot.

What we have is a fixlet of script type sh with only the content below. I am pretty new to BigFix, but I guess you would configure a baseline including this fixlet, then start an action with Starts on and Run between and no end date. We only run this based on whether or not certain types of updates were installed, so typically it’s included at the end of a list of patches to be installed. Rather, a version of this is what we use.

// #!/bin/sh
// /sbin/reboot

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In my opininon and experience, there is no “one and only” way. Your way might depend on your patch and boot policy.

For me it’s important to avoid reboot outside a definded maintenance window. This can be handled pretty good by bigfix internal maintenance window mechanism. Look in console at dasboards - all dashboards - maintenance window dashboard.
For a large number of systems with different maintenance windows it might be useful to automate a little bit more. In case of need I can provide some details how we did it.

The reboot fixlets does not need a shellscript, built in BigFix command
restart 10
exit 0

as action does this OS independent.

Now running the baseline with constraints

in exceution tab makes sure that reboot only applies in case of active maintenance window.

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