%da string in file

When i run this query to read file file which has %date% %time% content.

(concatenation " " of substrings separated by “%09” of it ) of (lines of file “C:\TEMP\CP_monitor_invoking_ant_script.cmd”)

See this screenshot


The content of the file is

> echo %date% %time% - An exact match was not found for the above filename nor was an exact match found for the

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I think you’ll need to open a support ticket on it. I’ve been able to reproduce, and it does appear to be a bug.

The character sequence that produces that questionmark symbol are the bytes \xef\xbf\xbd which in UTF-8 is the sequence for “a character that cannot be transcoded”.
This is not limited to file expressions though, when I send a ClientQuery with the simple string query '"%25da"' I get the same type of incorrect result.

thanks jason. we wrestle with that yesterday for hours but couldn’t make it work. I will open case with support.

note from support


Got an update from our Development team upon investigating this concern you've raised then.

Exactly to permit customers to read the content of a file without issues like that pointed out from this customer, starting from version 10.0.0 has been released the 'rawlines of file' 

relevance expression is documented here:


In the remaining 'use case' like 'lines of file' the behavior is to be considered intentional instead and it is not in plan to apply any change.

On the other hand we apologize because you found that also the 'rawlines of file' has a bug, that actually does not permit to address this issue with the '%' character and that needs 

to be fixed.

A Defect Article has been created to address this issue under KB0109779 | Concerns reading with the 'file' inspector a text file. It will be published once available, Development 


Could you send me your case number please?

here is the case

Thank you I’m raising more discussion on it internally.

ths is defect.


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