CustomerTokens are downloaded sucessfully?

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When i try to download CustomerToken from DLC , it is failing with download failiure ? what would be reason for that and wht should do for it.

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I am not sure I know what you are referring to… Do you have any more information you can give?



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There is a bigfix post installation step to download the “customerTokens.xml” to make the fixlet “DLC credentials are not configured” irrelevant.

As per the document , i run the command “ibm_dlc -action token -user xxxx -pass xxxx -outputfile CustomerTokens.xml” to download the customertokens.xml" but failed .

From Logs i got below messages :


The file ‘mslcmd.log’ was successfully opened for logging.

Management Services Library - Command Line Interface

Version mslcmd/1.7.0 msl/5.5

(Copyright IBM ISS 2009)

Loading library.


Initialize library using CommSettings.xml.

Initializing MSL…OK



Request token: user=wwilson, pwd=****, ocnid=(null), id=86BA9AC0-56DE-4688-9541-0E4522BC9A58, desc=mslcmd/1.7.0, schemaversion=5.1.0, diagnostictag=(null), language=(null)

Requesting tokens from X-Press Update Server.

  • Root —

code=c755001f, msg=Tokens request failed to authenticate user or password., request-id=949a9e82-80e3-41ff-b9f1-06ddf1f1104b, agent-id=86BA9AC0-56DE-4688-9541-0E4522BC9A58, http-code=200, nTokens=0, flex-response=(null)

  • Tokens —

Failed requesting tokens - Tokens request failed to authenticate user or password.





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