Custom Reports Features

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Is it possible to view a custom report result if you dont have access to web reports (via a link or anything?)

Will there be any functionality in custom reports to have public/private reports (As I’m filling up the page with my own reports currently).

Can you schedule custom reports to email out the results?

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It is not possible to view any type of report in web reports without a login (otherwise anyone on the network can look at your information). But I have seen some customers schedule a report to be archived to disk and then copy the report to a web server somewhere to have the HTML viewable in another system.

You can view custom reports as a public/private report. To do this, open the custom report and go to “Store Report”.

Yes you can schedule teh custom reports to be emailed or archived (but first save them as a public or private report).


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Ahh wonderful.

Couple more things… is it possible to get web reports to send out the report as an attachment? (even a .htm attachment) as some mail clients dont handle the html very well (esp for things like embedded graphs).

Wish list : Make the edit window for Custom Reports & WebReports QNA bigger (or scale with current page size!)