Custom Report to compare 2 different computer properties

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I would like some solution based on the below scenario and requirement.

Assuming you will have a back-up computer builded and has reported to BigFix console for patches update and specific analysis check to ensure it compliance with the required setting then it will disconnect from network until it require for replacement, I call it “Offline Back-up PC”

I had another client which apply to patches update and Analysis setting compliance as “Back-up PC” and this client is always Online. I called it “Online PC”

The requirement is to track the patches did not apply to “Offline Back-up PC” based on last reporting time between “Online PC” so it will trigger email alert then there is a complete action apply to “Online PC”.

Secondly, when the Analysis requirement being chnage and it should trigger email alert and inform which analysis have updated. (how to ensure the “offline back-up PC” always relevance to the analysis when it has updated and re-active? )

I’m thinking to compare the computer properties value between “Online PC” and “Offline Back-up PC” base on action history and analysis report for both computer ID.

Any custom report allow me to compare the action history result status = “completed” and analysis result for 2 different computer ID

Any new suggest idea is appreciete.

Initial plan is to ensure trigger alert when there is a new patch apply or analysis requirement change to “Online PC” so i can update the “Offline Back-up PC” as well.

Thanks Tiffy

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Hi tiffy,

This is quite an elaborate report because it needs to compare many different aspects of the different agent… I don’t think we can build this report for you easily, but perhaps you can comission a small Professional Services project to help you build this report?

Or alternately, perhaps you can gather the data you want with the Excel Connector ( and do the comparison in Excel.


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I found out the once the client went offline then they will no-longer exist in the console after 2 days.

HOw do we able to ensure the history data still keep in the console for certain offline client with naming standard computer name. Any configuration we can set in the console?

It’s is just to ensure the databased still keeping the record…

Another way is i’m thinking to retrieve it directly from databse and make a back-up copy for this offline client analysis data.

Which database table have recorded all analysis reponds result that allow meto create a job and pull the data out and keep in another table?

it’s because our console have upgrade to 7.2 version so i could use Excel connector on certain console.

Please advice.

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Hi Tiffy,

Computers are not automatically removed from the console view… If you no longer see the computers than it is very likely that someone right-click deleted the computers or they ran the computer remover tool: