Custom Report Relevance Needed

Hi, I am new here so hopefully I am not asking for something already provided but I have had no luck finding what I am looking for

I need session relevance for some specific reporting, I operate a BigFix Deployment that is Multi-Tenant which is why this gets a bit complicated.

I need the following:

the list of applicable computers in a group and their applicable fixlets from a specific baseline.

Your help with this would be much appreciated, thanks in advance!


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You might be able to do this by having a web report that just gets the applicable fixlets from a particular baseline, but then use the web reports computer filter to select the particular tenant group.

What is the reasoning for this report? What is it going to be used for?

Having more info would make figuring something out easier.

It is going to be easier to list the computers per baseline component than it is to list the components per computer.

When we create our Change Management Record we attach the applicable patches from the baseline being used for the target group. As part of our Change Management Process those patches indicate what is being modified on the server and provide those for Technical Review. I could give you a screenshot of an excel report that is done manually today. Just let me know where to send that to.