Custom Property for 32 or 64-bit Windows OS

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Hey BigFix community

Particularly for software distribution, it can be really handy to know if it’s a 64-bit or 32-bit windows OS. Does anyone have the text of a custom property for this? This should be really easy to do, but i am a complete newbie / SCCM admin doing a product eval.

Perhaps its a default property that I am missing!

Thanks all

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“x64 of operating system” will return a true or false.

Not sure if one already exists but If you wanted to add a property you could try something like

if x64 of operating system then “64” else “32”

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Great, that worked very well. I’ll probably modify that to make sure it’s checking only if the OS is windows at some point. I should study up on relevance, but my primary concern during this eval is making sure stuff works as advertised.