Custom .msi building

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Just wondering if the gang at Bigfix have any recommendations on course offerings for .msi building.

I’m wondering who has a decent course on building custom .msi’s and transforms to roll your own custom installs. I’ve taught myself installshield apps but .msi’s are the way to go.

I’m wondering if the engineers could point me in the right direction. Maybe a week long course in a semi tropical locale.

Perhaps there is enough in house experience to offer a course on this topic also…

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I have used the Admin Studio 5 and 6 tools by Macrovision in a previous job and I liked it’s features for creating, editing and maintaining MSI MSP and MST content. It sure beats manual editing with Orca.



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We are up to AdminStudio 8 now. Works very well. I believe they have training classes available.

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I’m looking to see what is the best out there so I can roll my own. Most people can provide their experiences with a repackager from this is awesome to pure hell.

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InstallShield has the Basic MSI projects which are fairly easy to use.