Custom Fixlet Contest - Final Week

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The IBM Endpoint Manager Custom Fixlet Contest
will end on Thursday the 20th of this week. So far we have had 2 participants who have shared their innovative approaches of creating/using IEM Fixlets to solve a particular challenge hey faced. Through the use of a Fixlet they have been able to:

Integrate between IEM and Active Directory Users

Create and run a script that deletes temp files, clears caches, and removes old log files from various locations

If you think you have created or modified Fixlets to perform new tasks or achieve a particular result or solve a day to day challenge you faced then the Custom Fixlet Contest is a great platform to share your Fixlet idea. The contest is still wide open and your Fixlet idea might just win you a 3D Printer. It’s very simple to participate in the contest. Just
click here
and let us know what your Fixlet does and upload the Fixlet.

Contest Page Link:

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