Custom BigFix Console Right-Click Menu Issue (v9.5.2.56)

A customer created a couple of custom right-click menus but it seems the relevance for the menu items is ignored when there are 2 or more menus. (

The right click checks if a machine has remote control client installed, and then it will be applicable if the machine has no remote control installed on it.

When testing the right click on one machine, the relevance looks to see if the machine is a Windows machine with Remote Control installed on it. Currently the machine does not have Remote Control installed on it.

With one menu item, the relevance is working correctly since it shows as not relevant, but with 2 menu items, it shows as relevant.

The issue is encountered on version 9.5.2. It worked previously on version 9.2.7.

1 item:

2 items:

We saw the same thing recently. Entered a PMR in August. Have not heard any updates.

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It is not how many machines are selected but if you have 2 or more optional menus, the relevance in the reg keys becomes true for everything. It just gets ignored.

I’m seeing similar behavior with the “Right-Click Options” task where the “iterate.bat” commands seem to work but tasks invoking the “RunQuiet.exe” don’t seem to work after upgrading.