Custom Action Results with Client Start and End Time

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I am trying to build a report (either in Web Reports or Excel Connector) to report on the results of a custom action. I need to see the results of a specif action and when each client started and completed the task (End time is critical, start time is nice to have)

For example, I sent an action to delete a file with an action ID of 1234.

I would like to be able to see a list of computers

Computer_name,Start Time of action, End Time of action, Action Status


I can see the start time and end time in the console if I open or double click the computer in question, but this displays the information one at a time.

Is there a way to do this in web reports or the Excel connector? I just can’t seem to find the time parameters other than when the console issued the action.



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Hi Sam,

The “Time Action Started” and “Time Action Ended” for each agent (that you see in the “More Action Info” dialog) are stored in the database but not currently accessible in the inspectors… Sorry…


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Thanks for the follow up Ben. I had suspected that was the case. Is there any plans you are aware of to expose this to the inspectors? My environment is somewhat unique in that I have 500 sites, with only a couple systems per site. I also do not control the network each system is on. This means that I have to use the command polling options and wait for the agents to “call home”. This also introduces time delays from time of action start to when the actual agents begin and end. Reporting on action end is useful for us to determine when issues have been fixed for each system.

Appreciate the quick follow up.


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Hey Sam,

We don’t expose these values in session relevance because it adds a lot of extra data to the web reports memory.

But we do expose the time that Fixlets were Fixed so you can look up that value. Here is an example:

(names of computer of it, last became nonrelevants of it) of results whose (relevant flag of it = false) of bes fixlets whose (id of it < 100)


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Thanks Ben,

So if I understand correctly this will return a list of systems with the point at which a fixlet became non relevant? If that’s correct, does this work for actions or only fixlets? My action didn’t have any specific relevance as I applied simply to all systems.