Current time of particular server via relevance

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I am looking to find out the current time pf particular server ,

for eg : current time of or now of

Is there ant relevance present by which i can get a current time of particular or specific server (not the general relevance like ‘now’ which will give current time of that server on which this relevance is getting evaluated).

Please advise and thanks in advance

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There may be a better way, but the first thing that comes to mind is to create a property that gives you the difference between the computer’s local clock and the server’s clock, and then use that to know what the current local time on that machine is.

Like, create the property “local time offset” as

now - apparent registration server time

Then you can get the computer’s current clock time by running this relevance on the server (or a machine with the same clock time as the server):

( name of it & ": " & "Local time is " & ( now + ( value of result ( it, bes property “local time offset” ) ) as time interval ) as string ) of bes computers

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ok so this will possible via session relevance… can you please let me know … whetehr its possible to create a property using session relevance and combine that property in the report which is using normal relevance(not the session relevance) and create a report.

Basically a report which will have say 20 fileds out of which 19 fileds will be populated via normal relevance and remaining 1 will be using session relevance?

If yes , then will it be possible to set frequency of this relevance.

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Can someone please provide response …