Cumulative Patching - Missing Reboot

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I have created a cumulative patching process, where multiple baselines are applicable and run between 00:00-01:00, finish up if they are still running between 01:00-01:30, then a reboot action task becomes applicable between 01:30 - 02:00 and reboots the target. The problem is on 2% of my target clients, the reboot task never becomes applicable and never runs. I’m not sure if it is because the client was too busy still running baselines during that reboot window and it didn’t see that the reboot task was relevant or some other reason. Anyone have any recommendations?

The relevancy for the reboot task is:

1)(now > value of setting “PatchingReboot” of client as time) AND (now < value of setting “PatchingRebootStop” of client as time)

2)(not exists setting “PatchingRebooted” whose (value of it = “1”) of client)

  1. value of setting “reboot” of client as string as lowercase = “yes”

4)(member of group 148119 of site “CustomSite_CrossPlatformCustomContent”)

5)(not (exists true whose (if true then (member of group 145850 of site “CustomSite_WinCustomContent”) else false)))

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not being able to see all of the variables I would offer the general advice of "lengthen your window… "

although I think you have probably already adjusted that. the only question I would have is… the group 148119 is that an automatic group?

-John G