Creation of WiFi profiles with WPA-EAP and certificate authentication on Android devices

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After a successful implementation of MDM based on iOS devices, now we’re considering the extension to Android devices.

One limitation I found is in the WiFi profiles configuration. Advanced, and more secure, configuration options of WiFi profiles seem to not be available via Dashboard.

In particular we’d like to configure WiFi as “WPA Enterprise” authenticated with personal certificate (as we already did with iOS).

On the Android side this is possible. But on the TEM side something seems missing.

In the “Android Actions” page of TEM Wiki the command string “set wifi profile ‘profile elements’” is documented, but which profile elements are available is not reported. If profile elements would be available we could create our own custom fixlet to configure WiFi profiles.

Is it this only a problem of documentation to be updated?

Will this features be added to WiFi Wizard?

The same considerations apply also to APN profiles that are documented on Wiki but not present ad Dashboard level

Thanks to anyone willing to share collected experiences in the matter above

Bye, Paolo

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We have enhancement requests for adding more advanced WiFi authentication methods (including EAP-TTLS, PAP, etc) and we intend to add better support for these in the next couple of releases.

I agree that the WiFi profiles section in the IEM Wiki has not been well documented but unfortunately it hasn’t been well documented on the Android development docs themselves either… If you’d let us know what EAP methods you’re interested into then maybe we can move them up in the priorities list.

Google has recently prevented non-system applications from configuring APNs on Android. Although the inspectors still work on most 2.2+ phones, it’s no longer possible to change APN settings on Android 4.0+ devices.