Creating new users

(imported topic written by mistervernon91)

I’ve created a remote connection to an MS-SQL 2008 database

from the BES server (using Windows authentication) and all is working beautifully

except; I am unable to create additional (console) users using the BES Admin wizard without

receiving the following error messsage – Database Error:


SQL Native Client

SQL Server

‘xxxx’ is not a valid login or you do not have permission (37000:15007).

Note - my DBA gave me SA privileges temporarily in order to complete the installation

and connection to the database, then demoted me to DBO for the bfenterprise and besreporting

databases …

Any suggestions on how, as BES site admin, I can use the BES application to enable

users to access the remote database w/o needing to create an individual SQL login for each…?


(imported comment written by BenKus)

Hi mistervernon,

Creating a BigFix user currently means that you create a key file, then create a SQL Login, and grant it permissions in the database… so you will need these privileges to make the user…

We are doing some modifications to our authentication scheme soon and so this may no longer be true in the future…