Creating Fixlet for Visual studio code Issue

I created a fixlet for visual studio code and it is not working. It gets stuck on pending downloads or it fails. To test it out if the file is actually downloading. When i copy and paste the file (http://ROOT:52311/Uploads/aead5ba4401305771d864befa7be6b77c2449b85/VSCodeSetup-x64.exe.tmp ) onto google chrome, it states the page is not working.
what may be the issue?

Action script:
prefetch aead5ba4401305771d864befa7be6b77c2449b85 sha1:aead5ba4401305771d864befa7be6b77c2449b85 size:97629194 http://ROOT:52311/Uploads/aead5ba4401305771d864befa7be6b77c2449b85/VSCodeSetup-x64.exe.tmp sha256:d9257aba4415af0c2bc8ef23ab865b49048f3e06728c457b6c4389a8b7e1fd66 extract aead5ba4401305771d864befa7be6b77c2449b85 wait __Download\VSCodeSetup-x64.exe

use the Silent parameters for Visual Studio Code -

wait __Download\VSCodeSetup-x64.exe /VERYSILENT /MERGETASKS=!runcode

Alright let me try that,

If you have Lifecyle, you can basically copy/paste the VS Code update fixlet and then just change up the relevance to target for new installs.

Whats lifecycle? im sorry very new to bigfix :frowning:

So i tried that and pushed it to my machine, Still stuck on pending downloads :frowning: :sob:

Lifecyle is the licensed version of BigFix you purchased. Main ones are Patch or Lifecycle… but there are other options and addons that include stuff like Inventory

It’s possible you may need to visit the BigFix DownloadWhitelist.txt, or if not not, you may need to in the future.

What does the ‘Downloads’ section of the ‘Summary’ tab of the action show for this file?

Do you see the file in question on the filesystem of your Root Server? (per your attempt to view/download it via the browser, it seems to suggest it’s not there)

It would likely be in the following path:

..BES Server/wwwrootbes/Uploads/aead5ba4401305771d864befa7be6b77c2449b85/VSCodeSetup-x64.exe.tmp

As @Aram asked, what does this part of the action say?

Does it says “Cached on Server”?


Yes hi, it states cached on server. Status of some machines are running, evaluating, and some state pending downloads.

what i found out so when i clear the cache of google chrome and then copy and paste the download link from bigfix. then it starts downloading.

Its under 100 MB so it should not be a size issue. So it appears it is downloading. Are some of those that are still showing downloading on slow networks? How often are they checking in with the console? Remote or internal systems?

so one that is actually saying pending download is my machine I’m using currently. Mine checks in with the console almost like every 5 mins

If the download is cached on the server, that means there is no issue with prefetching. However, since you are seeing “Pending Download,” it could be related to the following:

A. Your device may not have the required bandwidth to download it in a timely manner.
B. Your device’s parent relay might not have gathered the content, or it could be the relay’s parent relay.
C. The content might have been blocked somewhere along the relay-to-client chain due to endpoint controls (such as antivirus, Bit9, BeyondTrust, etc.).

However, if everything is okay and you are feeling impatient, as we all do sometimes, :slight_smile: the “Pending Download” status might have cleared by now.

Appreciate it boss, the pending download ones has switched over to completed. So the only ones I have now are, Evaluating. you know what that may be caused by?