Creating custom reports with relevance or Power BI

Hello everyone! I am very happy to participate in this forum for the first time! We are working on patching all the enpoints with Bigfix and we have a huge bottleneck with the reports.
We explored the Compliance site and the Web reports site and it remains very incomplete. We currently need to create three monthly reports that contain the following information:

(*) ID or DNS name of vulnerable computers

(*) Patches to apply in those computers

(*) level of criticality of the each patch

(*) Latest report on the console

(*) If the patch requires reboot (yes / no)

(*) and to which bigfix group they belong.

I tried to connect the Bigfix database with PowerBI and it was a complete disaster. We have around 22,000 endpoints in the company and it is too much poorly organized information.
In the compliance website (vulnerability) I can find some of this data but not the merge of Systems and Patches.

I would like to ask if you know of a solution that can provide this updated information. It occurred to me that maybe this custom report could be created with Bigfix’s own “Relevance” language, but I’m not really familiar with it.

I await your advice, recommendations on how to tackle this problem. Greetings to all .

Joaquin O’Gorman

I’m sure we could accomplish the reports you’re asking for with the out-of-box content, but since you mention PowerBI I think you might be more interested in checking out BigFix Insights.

There’s more detail and links at Modern Client Management (MCM) and Insights now part of the BigFix Compliance and Lifecycle suites; WebUI restart required for enablement , but the short version is that Insights provides a normalized database, potentially from multiple BigFix deployments and versioned across time, that is specifically designed to be a data source for Tableau or PowerBI reporting.

Insights is now included in the Compliance and LifeCycle packages, so you should already be entitled for it.

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