Creating a new task for backup script

I am not sure how to create a task to run a backup script. command is cd c:/scripts .\bkscript1 that I run in Powershell weekly. would like to create a task to run automatic weekly.

hi @dcarkin

You can do this like this:

    delete __createfile
    delete run_{id of active action}.bat
    // Use .bat to set working directory to packages root, for setup command.
    createfile until _end_
    cd c:/scripts
    move __createfile run_{id of active action}.bat
override wait
    wait run_{id of active action}.bat

But why don’t you use a scheduled task that runs weekly?

I don’t have a scheduled task I can run weekly. this script will work to be run weekly correct?

First make sure the actionscript works at all, then yes, you can schedule it to run weekly.