Creating a fixlet with a User Entered field that Only accepts Yes/No

I’m trying to create a fixlet that will do one of two things based on what they enter into a field.

The fixlet will be a component of a baseline, so I don’t think a radio button or checkbox would be able to work when running a baseline containing this fixlet.

I’d like to create a fixlet, and have the user Type (or choose) from Yes and No

Does anyone know how this can be accomplished?

I’d then use the result to determine if I want to create or delete a breadcrumb file on the target machine(s).


An action parameter query should work in a baseline – have you tried that?



I was hoping to be able to specify a list of valid responses.

What would happen if I instruct my user to Enter Y or N and they select D

Will there be a way to re-ask for a valid response?



Unfortunately you will not be able to prompt and provide a list of responses nor will you be able to prompt and re-prompt if it’s not a valid response.

Normally the follow-up here would be a parameterized fixlet or using javascript in the fixlet description but neither of those are compatible with Baselines.

Have you thought about just having two baselines? One which leaves the breadcrump and one which does not?



Thought of, yes. I’m trying to keep the number of baselines down to a minimum. The baseline would be the same, except for one line.

If the user wants the breadcrumb there, it runs one fixlet, otherwise it runs another fixlet that mackes sure it’s not there. I figured for a baseline, if the fixlet gives the user a choice of 2 options, the fixlet could take the action that the user specifies with his or her answer.


I might have to resort to having the user run the fixlet of their choice before the baseline. Run fixlet 1 if you want the breadcrumb there and run fixlet 2 if you don’t want it there (for that group of machines)

Instead of using a breadcrumb file, why not just use a Client Setting?

What would be the advantage of using the Client Setting?

I guess I don’t fully understand the situation or what the breadcrumb file is for.

I figured if you use a Client Setting for this, then there wouldn’t be a need to ask permission first. Just do it.

Do you intend for this choice to be made by a console operator, or by a user on the endpoint device?

If this is for the endpoint user, you might give them an Offer Action to set the breadcrumb. They can run the action if they want it, otherwise cancel or ignore.

Otherwise you might set up a writeable area in the registry or hard drive (likely not under HKCU, that’s difficult to manage). Then you could deliver a script, HTA, or the like and use “runascurrentuser” to have it interact with the user.

The HTA itself could set or clear the breadcrumb, and your follow-on actions can behave differently based on the breadcrumb value.