Creating a custom iOS profile for Exchange with blank username and password

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We want to create a custom iOS profile for Exchange ActiveSync with a blank username and password.

Main reason: the username is different from the e-mail address used during enrollment.

We removed the username field from the generated xml profile.

When we push this custom iOS profile to the device, only the password is prompted. The username field is blank, but not editable.

How could we create a custom profile, with blank username and password, that can both be filled in by the user?

Or is there any alternative way to provision a custom username in the iOS profile for Exchange?

Thanks for your guidance!


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Hi Jonas,

You can use auto-populate option, or relevance substitution to fill in the username during action execution time. This only work when you have profile encryption off.

See wiki page for details here:


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We use custom enrollment questions and ask for the email address. By using the answer we can autopopulate the active sync part of the profile, this then allows full customisation of the profile and less work for teh user hence less to go wrong.


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Can you share information about how can we use the custom question’s answer in the fixlets?

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