Creating a computer group based on an Active Directory group

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Hey everyone,

I’m trying for the first time to create a custom computer group that targets a group of systems within an AD container but I’m having difficulties doing so. I’ve looked through forum postings and some documentation to find an answer but I’m coming up short.

Basically we have this structure:


+BCBSAL (container)

++TechnologySupport (container)

…then various groups within this container…example: Patch Test Group

When I am in the BigFix console under the Computers Tab and I drill down through AD I cannot see the group I am looking for to hopefully allow me to target and create a group that way.

When I am under the Computer Groups Tab and I try to create an automatic group by choosing Active Directory Path and then entering the fully qualified name of the path/group I still am coming up short.

My question is…can I create an automatic group that will always reflect the specific systems in this AD group rather than make a manual group where you can have some systems that end up being deleted over time and do not represent a “current” group of active systems?

I know that I can create a manual group…we have one now :slight_smile: …but I would really like to have an automatic group that is based on an AD group if possible.

Can this be done?



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Hey Rob,

The underlying active directory path string looks something like this:


Using the automatic group interface, you will need to do something like:

“Active Directory Path” contains “OU=CustomerAdvocacy,DC=bigfix,DC=com”

If you want to look at the AD string on an agent, run this in the Relevance Debugger:

distinguished name of local computer of active directory


(imported comment written by Rob_Swalley91)

Thanks Ben, I really appreciate the help!