Creating a baseline containing a reboot that will lose relevance after being run

(imported topic written by EPadilla)

Dear Members,

I would like to create a baseline that contains all of the following components:

  1. Enable required windows services for patching to take place

  2. Install patches

  3. Reboot

  4. Disable required windows services so that patch levels remain consistent across all servers.

After running this baseline I want the baseline to lose relevance once all patches have installed successfully. Is this doable? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


(imported comment written by Tim.Rice)

Create the baseline with basic relevance (ie windows of operating system).

Add a Task to the Baseline to start the services you need started.

Add the Fixlets for the patches you want installed.

Add a task that will reboot the servers if a restart is required.

Add a Task to stop the services you want stopped.

The only systems that should be relevant to the Baseline should be those that need the Fixlets you added. When/if the servers reboot, they will pickup where they left off in the Baseline. Be sure that everything except the actual Patch Fixlet’s are TASKS so that their relevance is not added to the Baselines Relevance. By default a Tast added to a Baseline does not add its relevance to that of the Baseline unless you configure the Task in the Baseline to do so.

(imported comment written by JasonWalker)

Tim’s advice is sound. Only thing I would add, is that the Windows Update service needs to be enabled for most patches to install…but the service does not need to be configured to install updates. You can use Group Policy or Local Group Policy to disable the use of Windows Update, while still leaving the Service itself enabled.