Create relevance based on user input

Hello Again, I am wondering if it possible to pass the value of an user input into a relevance?

operators takes action
The user gets a prompt asking to input "type of servers"
The user provides the value "ALL AIX Active"
the user gets a prompt asking to input "process to restart"
The user provides the value “yyyy”

when the user clicks on take action, the available servers should be given by the relevance (inside the action) that reads something like
if value of input type “ALL AIX Acitve” then ((IF ( NOT (windows of operating system) ) THEN (IF (substring (7,1) of hostname as UPPERCASE is “A”) then true else false) ELSE false))

The goal is to present to the operator only those servers that apply, hence he will only need select all the servers available and click OK


Not within the BES console natively.

The source fixlet’s Relevance should have been written to filter correctly (for instance, to limit a Windows application to only execute on Windows servers).

If you want to generate custom relevance when targetting on the fly, you may be able to write an application to do this via the REST API but I can’t see the value of the approach you’re taking.

I will look into the REST API. The value is to control the operators GUI in order to avoid as much as possible any wrong selection of the wrong group of servers or server…experience shows that sometimes when the operator is in a hurry and have a list of servers to select, sometimes they pick one more or one less, etc and as we are talking about thousands of servers (divided by group, OS, relevance etc already) I will prefer to control the selection of servers to the max.

thanks for the answer.