Create or Delete folder and Relevance substitution error

The following Actionscript works just fine

folder delete “C:\temp\folder”
folder create “C:\temp\folder\nestedfolder”

Now if I try to make use of a parameter, create and delete folder fails and I am also having issues with file copy

parameter “temppath” = “C:\temp\folder”
folder delete “{parameter temppath}”
folder create “{parameter temppath}\nestedfolder”

Error “Command failed (Relevance substitution failed) folder create "{parameter temppath}\nestedfolder” and “Command failed (Relevance substitution failed) folder delete "{parameter temppath}

I’ve tried a few variations without quotes and similar issues. Thoughts?

You have to quote the parameter name inside the relevance substitution…i.e.

folder delete "{parameter "temppath"}"

Instead of

folder delete "{parameter temppath}"
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Thanks for the quick reply

now it seems obvious after banging on my head on this for a while :smiley:
It’s working now

Happy New Year!

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