Create local user accounts

Hello Guys,

I need to create local user account with admin rights in windows through Bigfix action.

I tried

dos net user /add red red@123
waithidden cmd.exe /C net user /add red red@123

but failed. Please help

C:\Users\jason>net user /?
The syntax of this command is:

[username [password | *] [options]] [/DOMAIN]
         username {password | *} /ADD [options] [/DOMAIN]
         username [/DELETE] [/DOMAIN]
         username [/TIMES:{times | ALL}]

I don’t expect an issue with x32 vs amd64 net.exe, but just in case you might want to avoid redirection also. Try

action uses wow64 redirection false
waithidden net user red red@123 /add
waithidden net localgroup administrators red /add

If any of those statements fail, check the return code & try it on a normal command line. In particular check that the password your choosing matches your complexity requirements, and that the user does not already exist.

Also, just be aware that any of your fixlet content is accessible to all clients (indeed, even to non-clients); so you won’t want to embed passwords in your fixlet. Check for info on how to use Secure Parameters to prevent a clear-text password from being downloadable.

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Thanks for reply

But put all 3 lines in my action but dosen’t suceed.

In our environment i need to create local user account with admin rights through Bigfix action on 100 systems.

i tried this command on command prompt on my system. To do this i have run cmd as administrator then i can execute the commands.

Please help me in this issue

Thanks in advance

Which line fails? Could be several different problems.