Create Computer Groups using API


Is it possible to create a Computer Group on BFI using the API?

The groups already exist in the Bigfix Console. I also have to create them in the BFI in Management/Computer Groups and then NEW and specify a condition by assigning the Data Source Groups to a group. I want to create them with the API.

Thank you for any piece of advice.

Oh for BFI…


To create a computer group, click Management > Computer Groups and then, click New.
Provide the name and description of the computer group.
Specify filters according to which computers are assigned to the group, and click Create.
For example, to create a group that is based on a computer group in the BigFix console, choose Data Source Groups, in set, and select the computer group.

This is the workaround in the BFI. But how to create the groups using Rest API?

Export your existing computer group whichever is there as an XML, change the required parameters & post them using API.

post newcomputergroup.xml computergroup/custom/sitename

You can also use some type of automation script to build up xmls or answer file for your desired computergroup settings & post them in one go.

I know this API. But this is not from the BFI.