Create a Console Operator that can only view PCs of a specific Dynamic Group

I can create a console user, but was curious how I could restrict the user to only see PCs of a specific dynamic group and nothing else? Bonus question, can I define what columns they see when viewing the computers? Thanks!

When creating a Console operator, you can either have them assigned to roles (either explicitly, or inherited), or configure their access more directly/explicitly. If you go to an operator’s Computer Assignments, you can add assignments by a number of criteria, including by Group (and including dynamic groups):

And you can control what content they have access to via the ‘Sites’ tab (which controls which columns/fields they can add or remove from their view).

Great, thanks! Is there a way to trim what they see on the left side of the console pane, so “computers” is pretty much the only option? Asking because I’m considering giving some other IT departments access, as long as I can limit it. These are the type of client facing folks who will get lost asking about features/content instead of taking what is offered.

It can be limited, but most of the high-level elements would remain (though potentially empty).

That said, depending on what you’re looking to do, another approach might be to provide them access to Web Reports and/or WebUI (both of which can also provide context around endpoints and their properties, and have nicer and perhaps more accessible interfaces).

Thanks and on to the next issue: I attempted to log on to the web portal and received following:
Access denied: credentials accepted, but you must have at least one assigned or inherited role in order to log in.
OK, added myself to the only role present in BigFix that has Mater Operator access. Still same results. On a side note, original BigFix admin is no longer with the company. Am I missing something here? thanks!

The role in question is not in the BigFix Console, but in Web Reports itself:

If you don’t have any one that can log in to Web Reports to administer users, I’d recommend opening a support ticket.