CPU Uses goes high whenever analyses getting info about CPU

@jgstew I created the analyses to get the CPU info in windows server but when the analyses is getting report the CPU percentage is showing 100 %, Please help

CPU : unique values of (string values of selects “LoadPercentage from Win32_Processor” of wmi)

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When you call “wmi”, the BigFix agent is not able to balance anything as you have called a Windows function and it does what it likes. It also is a place where many things install elements that run so this is to be expected when you use wmi

Is there any other way to get the CPU percentage from Windows Server ? please guide. @jgstew

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Yes, there are other ways, but I think they all involve using WMI, just not that particular one. I would need to look into a few different options to report this using WMI / WMI Explorer.

This example relevance will list the raw data of all processes using more than 5% CPU:

selects "* FROM Win32_PerfFormattedData_PerfProc_Process where PercentProcessorTime>5" of wmis

For this to be useful in an analysis property, you would have to pick which data about the processes you want to report on because the raw data is too verbose.

This is not the best solution to get what you want if you just want to know the current total CPU usage, there should be a more direct way to get that answer.

In this case, I don’t think the problem is that the CPU usage spikes on the client, I think the issue is that WMI is always reporting 100% CPU usage even when that doesn’t actually seem to be the case.

And yes you’re right I was thinking balancing, but when WMI runs it often takes a single processor to maximum due to the chained events that can run at the same time. Examining the system over time is hard through a call that tends to use cpu a lot more than anything else.

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