CPM Performance Issue

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Hi all together,

we have performance problems with the CPM.

It scans some large .exe or .iso files as soon as we open folders containing them. The systems get extremely unresponsive and we can not work with it anymore.

Similar problem: A colleaque wanted to delete a ~40GB folder with some files in it, but CPM first scans the files before (!!) deletion and the deletion process needs over one hour to get finnished. Why!?

As soon as we deacivate the CPM processes everything is fine. I do not want to exlude all .exe and .iso-files or every single folder containing them on every laptop.

Edit: We use the conventional scan.

Do you have an idea how to fix this issues?

Thanks and many regards

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For ISO or zip files, scan engine will need to decompress them first, which may cause massive IO.

There is a setting to skip scanning for certain size of file. - Check the Global Settings Wizard.

And the exclude directory may be used, too. - Check the On-Demand/ Real-Time Scan Settings Wizard.

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thank you for your reponse.

The setting to skip the file size does only affect files in compressed files and is set to 2 MB. I will try to set it to 1 MB, I hope it helps.