CPM Errors with Mac OS X Yosemite

Has anyone else been seeing error messages logged from Core Protection Module (CPM) on Macs running Yosemite 10.10.3 in the system log? We’ve been seeing hundreds of produced error messages per minute in the system log on all of our Yosemite Macs. They seem to alternate between the two:

kernel[0]: TMCCFS 142 ERROR nonwildcard_match_inExcFil error=2

  • The number “142” will cycle through a list of different codes
  • “error=2” will alternate with “error=0”

kernel[0]: TMCCFS 1 ERROR needToScanThisExecve ==xpcproxy
kernel[0]: TMCCFS 142 ERROR needToScanThisClose $$[some file/plist]

Besides the annoyance of the error messages filling up the system log, it is believed that the high number of logs being produced is causing performance issues on some of the older Mac hardware. Once CPM is uninstalled on these Macs, the error messages stop and the Macs perform as usual. Once CPM is re-installed and the error messages start again, the performance takes a noticeable hit.

I have not seen the same errors in Mavericks, but some field techs have reported seeing them in Mavericks too. So for now, I’m reporting the current environment that I am most commonly seeing this problem:

Yosemite 10.10.3, CPM Version 2.0.1041, BES Client Version

Searching online and on Trend hasn’t given a lot of help other than suggesting to report the problem. The link below is the closest article I could find on Trend’s site. It suggests installing a hotfix, but it’s not for the same product. I installed it anyway on a test machine just to see what would happen, and it unsurprisingly did not resolve the problem.


Has anyone else been getting these errors too and possibly have a workaround or fix? Suggestions?


The Mac2015 and CPM products are different. You should file a PMR. There may be an update to CPM that is needed.

Great, thanks Alan! I’ll file the PMR.

Following up to this thread. I filed a PMR and heard back from IBM and Trend. There is a new version of CPM that is available, CPM 2.0.1045. After testing, I can confirm that it resolves the problem with the generated error messages.

I received the .bes file from Trend for deploying CPM 2.0.1045 and created the upgrade fixlet for the same version if anyone would like to import the content in their console. I can post them to bigfix.me if it is allowed by IBM.

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I would hope that the site will be updated with this version in the very near future

Was a new version ever released? The latest I see available is 2.0.1041