Core Protection Module Console?

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I’m not sure if something went away, or if I just am not seeing it anymore.

Somehow in the past I deployed the “Core Protection Module Console” to a few test machines. This added a new icon to te system try that allows me to update Trend Micro or run scans from the client machine.

I wanted to deploy it to some more machines for some final testing before deploying it to all machines, but now I don’t see a task to do so.

Did this option go away? Or am I just blind today? I hope it didn’t go away, because it was a very nice option.

I assumed it might be the “Core Protection Module - Enable Client Dashboard” task, but that doesn’t seem to be it.

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I believe the “Core Protection Module - Enable Client Dashboard” is what you are looking for… Is it not making the dashboard appear?


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I think you are looking for the system tray icon option which is different from the client dashboard. From the CPM dashboard, choose Configuration–>Global Settings and under the ‘Client Console Settings’ section check the box for ‘Enable System Tray Icon’. Then create a custom configuration task using the button at the top of the global settings page and deploy it to the machines where you’d like to enable the system tray icon.

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Ah, that was it! Thanks! I couldn’t remember where the heck I found that setting.

Thanks again.

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Hi Ben,

I am not able to see “CPM Dashboard” (Dashboards > CPM Dashboard).

I have activated the CPM Site, Also I am able to see the below fixlets and perform following action.

  1. Install the CPM components. Done

  2. Upgrade CPM Components. Done

  3. Update the pattern files on the ESP Server. (Done)

  4. Configure a proxy server and identify a pattern update source. (Not Required)

  5. Run a script to set up the ESP server for automatic updates. (Done)

  6. Update the pattern files manually. (Not Required)

  7. Set up automatic pattern updates.(Done)

  8. Deploy and update CPM clients(In Process).

Any Idea, please help ??

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Do you have custom content privileges enabled for your account? You can look in the “Users” tab in the BES Console or in BES Admin.