Copying files from BigFix server to one Unix server

Hello All,
I have requirement to copy html files from BigFix main servers to one unix server. These files will be generated on daily basis. How to achieve this requirement?

Please suggest.

Thanks in advance.

Create a curl script to do the download. Then either set a daily policy action to run on the unix server in Bigfix or use a local cron job.

We do similar things on Windows using wget.

As a bonus, if you dynamically generate your script daily in a policy action, you can do relevance substitution in the download URL of it. This is quite handy when dynamically pulling unique data relative to one or more specific criteria! Example: We can pull daily unique data from a web server on an ERP-type system for 1000+ sites via this type of process.

Hi Jonl,
Please share curl script, so that i can get idea.

Thank you.

Here some some curl threads that can help you here, here, and here.