Copy Google shortcut to Desktop


I am trying to copy one Google Shortcut from BigFix,what is the relevance that I need to use it?
I have seen the example where it’s mention to use software distribution but the wizard doesn’t allow to select the shortcut.lnk file.

Please advise if that can be done through fixlet or distribution wizard or any available fixlet?


So, what I do for this I upload the shortcut to bigfix and the copy it from the downloads folder to the public desktop folder in windows.

copy "__Download\Google Chrome.lnk" "C:\Users\Public\Desktop\Google Chrome.lnk"

Please note there is another way to future proof the public downloads folder. I never understood how it works. but, perhaps you do. Here is the link for that:

The problem is for uploading the file in bigfix,If I will choose software distribution wizard it won’t allow me to select the file.I have tried then Manage distribution but same.How you are uploading the file into BigFix.

Please advise.

Thanks for your reply.

The message showing while selecting the .lnk file " Path doesn’t exist" as its shortcut for chrome.

I’m sorry man, I’m not understanding what you are trying to do.
are you trying to copy a file that is already uploaded in bigfix into the computer?
are you trying to copy a shortcut? or modified a shortcut that is already uploaded.

For updating files it might be better to use "System lifecycle " and software distribuation. you can manage files there individually.

It is possible to just create a shortcut on the desktop or anywhere as needed.

See this example:

Neither of these examples are exactly what you are looking for, but are close.

Hi James,

Thanks for your reply.
I have done this through uploading the .lnk File on BigFix through Software Distribution Wizard and copy onto the user desktop.
Command waithidden cmd.exe /c copy “__Download\MY WEB.lnk” “C:\Users\Public\Desktop\MY WEB.lnk” and get my result.


Thanks for your reply but its Sorted out now.