Copy File wizard

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my request is a simple but useful one (or so i think :slight_smile: )

i would like to see a “file copy wizard”, same as the software deployment wizard, but one which only copies files to a target location.

i know the “file copy to wwwrootbes” workaround, or modifying the software deployment action, but it seems like a simple enough feature to add, and a usefull one.

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I could really use this featuer as well! We are currently using another software to push files out to our “Cafe” users and would love to have BigFix do this. Currently the software monitors a source folder and any changes or additions to a folder are copied down to the user’s machine the next time they connect with the software. This way a consistant folder/file structure for such things as updated reports can be maintained on user’s computer who don’t connect to the corporate network.