Copy Failed Assistance

Hey guys,

I am trying to run a task that copies a file from X server location to the users PC, however I get failed everytime it runs.
Log is spitting info:

At 09:16:11 +1000 -
Retry error, attempt 8 failed for CopyFile (\SERVERNAME\IEM_Downloads\test.log, C:\temp\IEM)
At 09:16:11 +1000 - actionsite (
Command failed (Copy of ‘\SERVERNAME\IEM_Downloads\test.log’ to ‘C:\temp\IEM’ failed (2)) copy “\SERVERNAME\IEM_Downloads\test.log” “C:\temp\IEM” (action:10909)

The server unc path has full control for ‘everyone’ so not sure what else could be stopping it?

Thanks for you help!

The client’s LocalSystem account is not a member of “Everyone”.

If it’s a Domain environment, you should be able to connect if the share and NTFS have permssions for “Domain Computers” and “Domain Controllers” (or another group that contains the computer accounts); and these groups may also need to be assigned the “Access this computer from the network” right on the server.

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What is your usecase?

Why aren’t you using the prefetch command to do this?

There may be a better way to do this.