Content Request - Microsoft WinGet Update

Hi BigFix Team,

Would it be possible to add WinGet to Updates to Windows Applications Extended?

Link: GitHub - microsoft/winget-cli: WinGet is the Windows Package Manager. This project includes a CLI (Command Line Interface), PowerShell modules, and a COM (Component Object Model) API (Application Programming Interface).

This Microsoft tool is handy for a lot of technical Windows users and ideally it could be updated via BigFix. Packages are available in the msixbundle format, so hopefully this will be compatible with the site.

Evan J Rowley

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Hey Evan … Can you create an RFE for this? Once you do, I’ll socialize it with the appropriate people here on my end. Thanks and hope you’re doing well.


Thanks Duncan! I hope you’re also doing well.

I’d create an RFE, but I do not have access at this time.

I created one for you and the RFE number is BFPTCH-I-317. You’ll want to get it upvoted though to increase the chance of it getting added.

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