Content Release: Patches for Windows published 2023-04-21

Content in the Patches for Windows site has been modified


  • Major [ID:501263903] MS22-APR: Security Only Quality Update - Security Only - Windows Server 2012 R2 - KB5012639 (x64)

Reason for Update:

  • Relevance has been updated.

Actions to Take:

  • None

Published site version:
Site Name: Patches for Windows
Version: 4187

Additional links:

Application Engineering Team
HCL BigFix

Is the source release date going to be updated on this?

Usually, no; the Source Release Date tracks when the vendor published the update (often used to meet SLA’s for patch timeline expectations), but correcting a false-positive or false-negative in the relevance doesn’t usually trigger an update to Source Release Date.

There are ways to get the true modification times for the Fixlets, but requires a Session Relevance query - it’s not exposed as a field in the user interface. I can work that out if you’d find it helpful?

A last modified date field in the description might be helpful for future.

What was the old relevance and what is the new?

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